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About the Lymphedema Association of Ontario 

Your trusted resource for lymphedema support, education, and advocacy. At LAO, we are dedicated to empowering individuals affected by lymphedema and promoting awareness within the community.

Our website serves as a gateway to a wealth of valuable resources and programs. Through our commitment to excellence, we strive to fulfill the needs of our members and the general public alike. Here's how LAO can make a difference in your journey:

  • Knowledge and Support: Access expertly curated information on lymphedema, its latest developments, and treatment options.
  • Engaging Webinars and Events: Exclusive webinars by leading experts and community events to stay informed and connected.
  • Virtual Support groups every month with varying topics lead by a speaker for advice, information and community. 
  • Pathways Magazine: Receive our inspiring magazine with practical advice, uplifting stories and local resources.
  • Connecting with Professionals: Find local therapists and clinics with our LAO Directory.

Join our vibrant community today by becoming a member of LAO. By doing so, you not only unlock a wealth of exclusive resources but also contribute to our mission of making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals with lymphedema.

Together, let's navigate the journey of lymphedema, empower each other, and inspire hope. Donate or become a member now and be a part of the positive change.

Upcoming Events


    • 11 Jun 2024
    • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Zoom

    TUESDAY JUNE 11, 2024
    6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

    with Special Guest Speaker

    *Access is restricted to LAO members only*

    NOTICE is hereby given that on Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 6:30 p.m., the Annual General Meeting of the Lymphedema Association of Ontario (LAO) for the year ending 2023 will be held by virtual conference to review the 2023 year-end financials, receive reports, appoint our Chartered Professional Accountant and to transact all other business as may properly come before the meeting.

    Your attendance is invaluable to the organization and your vote. Reaching the minimum attendance requirement (“quorum”) is imperative in order to ensure that the LAO fulfills the legal requirements to continue its operations. Moreover, your attendance and vote,  where applicable, directly influence the future work and direction of the LAO.


    To keep administrative costs to a minimum, and to consider our environmental impact, the full AGM Agenda, copies of the Financial Statements and minutes of the last Annual General Meeting will be available for your review on the LAO website in advance of the upcoming meeting.

    *Please make sure you are logged into your LAO account to

    register and view the agenda, finances and minutes* 

    • 12 Jun 2024
    • 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
    • Zoom

    Virtual Support Group 

    JUNE 12th, 5:00 pm (EST) on ZOOM

    Please join us for our monthly virtual support group consisting of lymphedema patients and LAO volunteers. Our support groups are a great opportunity for you to share and discuss your personal lymphedema management skills, information, hopes, fears, successes and hardships, all in a safe space to facilitate support and growth. 

    Join us on the second Wednesday of every month!


    Basic Housekeeping:

    • Please keep yourself on mute to reduce background noise
    • There is typically a Q&A period at the end, so please save your questions for then
    • Feel free to use the chat feature to ask questions or raise your hand to talk
    • Please do not take screenshots, photographs or videos. If the webinar is being recorded, it will be uploaded to the LAO website for you to access after the meeting.

    The content of this presentation is confidential and property of the presenters. It is not intended to be distributed to any third party without their consent. As such, please do not screenshot, record, or tape the contents of this meeting or the individuals in attendance.

    The opinions expressed in the presentation are those of the presenter and not necessarily those of the LAO. Therefore, the LAO is not responsible for any content or information in the webinar. The LAO does not endorse any particular vendor product, company or personnel, and our webinars are for educational purposes only.

    Please note that if a webinar is being recorded you are providing consent to be recorded. You may keep your camera off if you wish to do so.

    Moreover, Information collected through polls or surveys may be addressed in future meetings and in meeting notes, that are available for other patients access. Through your attendance, you have consented for The Lymphedema Association of Ontario to use your first name only, for confidentiality purposes in note taking.

Past events

28 May 2024 medi Canada - What to Know on our Products and Accessories
15 May 2024 LAO VSG (May)
10 Apr 2024 LAO VSG (April)
14 Mar 2024 Dr. Keast: Lower Extremity Lymphedema and Skin Breakdown, A Growing Problem
13 Mar 2024 LAO VSG - Open to the Public (March)
06 Mar 2024 Let's Celebrate World Lymphedema Day Together! Recharge the Spirit that Moves YOU!
22 Feb 2024 Compress to Impress with ReadyWrap Adjustable Compression Wrap
14 Feb 2024 LAO VSG (February)
07 Feb 2024 Gentle Chair Yoga with Emma Followes RMT, CDT
16 Jan 2024 Reduce Your Lymphedema Swelling with Nutrition with Jean LaMantia
10 Jan 2024 LAO VSG (January)
13 Dec 2023 LAO VSG (December)
06 Dec 2023 Introduction to Curaflow by Bauerfeind
08 Nov 2023 LAO VSG (November)
24 Oct 2023 Introducing the Juzo Night Garment
11 Oct 2023 LAO VSG (October)
13 Sep 2023 LAO VSG (September)
09 Aug 2023 LAO VSG (August)
29 Jun 2023 Instagram Live with Prairie Wear!
21 Jun 2023 Fireside Chat with Essity
20 Jun 2023 LAO Annual General Meeting 2023
14 Jun 2023 LAO VSG (June)
17 May 2023 The LAO in Partnership with Medi: LIVE WEBINAR on Circaid Profile
10 May 2023 LAO VSG (May)
12 Apr 2023 LAO VSG (April)
27 Mar 2023 Encore - Presenting the Newest Technology in Lymphedema Bandaging - Ask the Inventor
08 Mar 2023 LAO VSG (March)
22 Feb 2023 All you need to know about the Compassion Fund and the Garment Program (LAO)
08 Feb 2023 LAO VSG (Feb)
02 Feb 2023 Presenting the Newest Technology in Lymphedema Bandaging - Ask the Inventor
12 Jan 2023 All you need to know about the Compassion Fund and the Garment Program (LAO)
11 Jan 2023 LAO VSG (Jan)

To keep up to date with community Lymphedema news, events from other organizations, and resources, please click here for our page "Other Lymphedema News"

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