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About the Lymphedema Association of Ontario 

Your trusted resource for lymphedema support, education, and advocacy. At LAO, we are dedicated to empowering individuals affected by lymphedema and promoting awareness within the community.

Our website serves as a gateway to a wealth of valuable resources and programs. Through our commitment to excellence, we strive to fulfill the needs of our members and the general public alike. Here's how LAO can make a difference in your journey:

  • Knowledge and Support: Access expertly curated information on lymphedema, its latest developments, and treatment options.
  • Engaging Webinars and Events: Exclusive webinars by leading experts and community events to stay informed and connected.
  • Virtual Support groups every month with varying topics lead by a speaker for advice, information and community. 
  • Pathways Magazine: Receive our inspiring magazine with practical advice, uplifting stories and local resources.
  • Connecting with Professionals: Find local therapists and clinics with our LAO Directory.

Join our vibrant community today by becoming a member of LAO. By doing so, you not only unlock a wealth of exclusive resources but also contribute to our mission of making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals with lymphedema.

Together, let's navigate the journey of lymphedema, empower each other, and inspire hope. Donate or become a member now and be a part of the positive change.

Upcoming Events

To keep up to date with community Lymphedema news, events from other organizations, and resources, please click here for our page "Other Lymphedema News"

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