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I am writing to you today to share some exiciting news on training courses with ILWTI. We have partnered with them to offer you discounted rates with a special LAO code.  We believe this information and training will be beneficial to you.  They are offering a Wound Certification training for existing Professionals as well. Please review the information carefully, before you make your decision. Brian York who is their |CFO Business Development and Marketing has provided the following information. Please note that in order to take advantage of these discounts you must be a LAO member.  For new therapists who are taking the Lymphedema training we have a special membership offer (50% off the regular pricing). We offer the membership without a listing until such time as you graduate with Lymphedema certification.  On graduation, you will be able to add a listing on our website and in our online Directory for a small additional fee. Click here to receive special offer.

ILTWI provides licensed medical professionals the training and certification needed to specialize in successfully treating lymphedema. ILWTI has been one of the elite providers in this industry for over 23 years. We're glad to work with the LAO on bringing certified lymphedema and wound training to your members. We have created special pricing and programs for LAO members, and we’re also working to bring onsite training to Ontario by coordinating together to build a class. We also offer our live hands-on Teletraining format for those students that prefer the option and convenience of remote training. ILWTI is the only program approved and accredited to offer Teletraining for Certified Lymphedema & Wound Therapist®: we train 250-300 medical professionals a year via our live Teletraining format. Our hands on remote learning platform is successfully bringing intensive training to professionals around the world that would have otherwise never have had an opportunity.

Please review the website and links as there is a lot of information. Live Instruction Teletraining schedules are on the site and on each individual course page for all courses offered through 2023. Each certification and training class we offer has a page dedicated to it including course outline, prerequisites, dates, registration, and pricing at the bottom. ILWTI is the most up to date and advanced lymphedema curriculum in the industry and our instructors are highly decorated and among the very elite in lymphedema and wound care; we are very proud to have them.  Review their information on our site to learn more. 

Brandy Mckeown, OTR/L, CLT-LANA, CLWT is a 20+ year practicing lymphedema therapist and nationally recognized expert in lymphedema and wound therapy. In addition to being our CEO and Director of Education,she serves on the board of multiple industry organizations, and co-owns lymphedema clinics in South Georgia...she has a passion for treating lymphedema, has a wealth of information and can answer detailed questions on curriculum and clinical practice settings. She also consults clinics on start up, billing, and profitability should that be of interest (as it often is). Her email is

 The Live Teletraining Format Info: We utilize university level remote training technology and live interaction with class and instructors. In 2019-2020 we worked closely with NSU in Ft Lauderdale with their Doctorate of Physical Therapy Department to develop our hands-on interactive remote training platform using similar methods and technology as the University. NSU continues to partner with ILWTI exclusively each year to train and certify their DPT graduates via Teletraining and at their Onsite campus in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

ILWTI is currently the only provider in the US approved and accredited to offer full lymphedema certification via 100% Teletraining; this was a very intensive qualification to achieve through various independent third parties, leading industry associations, and most importantly proven through hundreds of real world clinical case studies. Like many universities, we use Canvas for the online training modules and the self study portion, and the live Teletraining portion is in a class setting with instructors and fellow students...we host this via zoom; it’s very engaging and interactive between students and instructor just like an in person classroom. The practicums and labs are all live and very hands-on. Students will use a volunteer (friend or family member) to work on for MLD and Compression wrapping courses live engagement with the instructors. For wound training labs, we'll be using human analogs...typically pork shank, pork feet, ham hock or similar for debridement and sharps, and also oranges or grapefruit for other interesting presentations. You will have all needed supplies shipped to you for training, it's included in your tuition - except pork shank and fruit due to spoilage, your local grocery will have these items and they’re very inexpensive. 

If you don't have a webcam, this $25 one works perfectly and simple to install with usb plug: Walmart Webcam $25

In addition to Teletraining, as mentioned, we also offer on-site training at NSU Ft Lauderdale, Fl campus in their Physical Therapy building typically the second week of Aug each year, plus we host a couple hybrid courses at various locations across the US (and soon in CAN). Still, 9/10 students choose Teletraining due to the convenience and travel / time off from work savings. We get amazing feedback as students really enjoy the Live 

Teletraining option. It’s the same course either platform you choose. We retain 98% positive feedback from our training experience. Please view our website and references are provided if requested.

For Licensed OT/PT and RN's interested in full lymphedema training certification:

Our CLT program includes Wound certification automatically (at no additional charge) as it’s now the standard in properly treating lymphedema due to the wounds and comorbidities often seen with the disease. 

*Remember, Modern MLD™ + CCS® + CWT® = the full CLWT®

 Links for your convenience and review: Certified Lymphedema and Wound Therapist (CLWT) 

Completing these 3 individual certifications make up the full CLWT®:

1. MLD - (Modern) Manual Lymphatic Drainage 

2. CWT - Certified Wound Therapist 

3. CCS -Certified Compression Specialist 


These three courses can be taken at any time and in any order. Some students take them straight through, others may take a year or longer to complete their CLWT®. You can also take them Teletraining and mix with a live course. They're the same course regardless of live Teletraining or in person Onsite...both have online precourse work and then are live with instructors and very hands-on training. Upon successful completion of our courses, therapists are very well trained and certified to treat patients in lymphedema and wounds. However, for students that would like to continue on and take national board exams, our CLWT® meets / exceeds the 135 hr training requirements for the LANA exam, and also the CWS®.  (Our stand-alone CWT® meets the CWS® exam training requirement and it's included as part of the CLWT®). **for those interested in the LANA exam, if you take CLWT® via Teletraining, we'll need to meet you in person to sign off a 1-2 hrs skills assessment, we submit this checkoff to LANA on your behalf prior to your Exam.

We also have flexible payments available should you choose. $500 deposit to start studying the material and begin working your way through the online required pre-study hours. No interest or fees. We just ask you to pay the remaining balance by the time the live portion of each course starts. (So for CLWT®, 1/3 balance for each of the three courses as you progress.) We try to work with you to make it flexible and accommodating as possible, just communicate with us.

Once you register for a course, you'll receive two emails within from our alumni support at ILWTI, the other from Canvas Teachers (this is where you will login to begin precourse work training). Be sure to check your spam folder just in case you don't see them within 24 hrs. 

ILWTI would like to support and provide elite lymphedema & wound training in Canada by offering special course pricing exclusively for active LAO members for 2023:


ILWTI's CLT program is now upgraded to a CLWT® for the same fee as other training programs; we

include Wound Certification! Our CLWT - Lymphedema and Wound Certification, program consists of 3

individual certifications for a total of 145+ hrs: Modern MLD™ + CCS™ + CWT® = the full CLWT®

Certified Lymphedema and Wound Therapist (CLWT®) Regular Sale price: $3145 USD

LAO Member Price: FULL CWLT® - $2650.00 USD - Discount Code: LAOCLWT

1. MLD - (Modern™) Manual Lymphatic Drainage  Regular Sale price: $1298 USD

LAO Member Price: Modern MLD™ - $998.00 USD - Discount Code: LAO2023

2. CWT® - Certified Wound Therapist  Regular Sale price: $1298 USD

LAO Member Price: CWT® - $998.00 USD - Discount Code: LAO2023

3. CCS™ - Certified Compression Specialist  Regular Sale price: $1298 USD

LAO Member Price: CCS™ - $998.00 USD - Discount Code: LAO2023

LICENSED MASSAGE THERAPIST with 500hrs of clinical massage training. Modern

MLD™ Certification: MLD for LMT's This certification is accredited with NCBTMB and also qualifies as

prerequisite training to sit for the NCBTMB board exam. 

1. Modern MLD for LMT’s: Regular Sale price: $1298 USD

LAO Member Price: Modern MLD for LMT’s - $848.00 USD – Discount Code: LAOLMT

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. 

2024 Graduates Save $100!

The LAO is offering graduates 50% off the price of a one year Professional Membership for new members

For a limited time, you will be able to save $100 off a new membership purchase, our regular rate is $200. 


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