The Garment Fund 

We are pleased to announce that we launched the pilot Garment program to compliment our Compassion Fund. This program is available to Retailers/Fitters and therapists who are members of the LAO.

Patients are welcome to apply, with an LAO member Therapist or Retailer/Fitter providing the referral. The Fund will be of benefit to both patients and LAO registered therapists and practitioners. 

When practitioners see a patient who is in need and cannot pay for garments, they can nominate them for consideration to the Garment program. 

Things you need to know:

  • This is a "Pilot" program that will be revised/edited as we learn.  
  • Funds raised each year will determine how much money will go into the Garment program, as well as how many recipients can be granted financial assistance. 
  • All requests for funds are to be reviewed and approved by the Program Manager in conjunction with the LAO Board of Directors 
  • Phase 1 of the garment fund is to provide ready-to-wear garments that we have in inventory. No charge for the garment(s) or delivery to the recipient.
  • Garments from inventory will be sent free, no returns or exchanges.
  • Phase 2 of the garment fund is to provide ONE-TIME funding for garments that the Assistive Devices Program has deemed necessary and funds 75%. The fitter/vendor; LAO member, provides documentation of payment received from  ADP for the recipient and the Garment Fund will reimburse the 25% up to $250. Payment will made to the fitter/vendor.
  • For garments that require measurement and fittings – a Retailer/Fitter must be engaged.
  • A "Garment Fund" application must be completed by the recipient, including the waiver. Incomplete applications will not be approved. A Physician's prescription (or ADP application ) and LAO therapist referral are also required. The application form needs to be filled out and submitted for all requests.
  • The ADP form that details the garments required will be accepted.

      To Apply:

      • Please download the combined applicationconsent and waiver form here
      • Waiver only form, download here
      • Please email the completed application/consent form to: 
      • Any confidential, financial information can be sent by mail if you wish to the address below:

      Find our available garment inventory here

      Garment Fund 

      Please find the Garment request form below-

      LAO leg garment request form.xlsx

      Lymphedema Association of Ontario Compassion Fund

      262-2869 Bloor St. W

      Toronto, Ontario

      M8X 1B3

      If you have more questions please contact us at 

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