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2020 E-VOLUME 1

Message from the President

Dolores Steinwall  |  February 22, 2020

As I write this article, I look out my window and see the sun rising over the lake and its looks so beautiful, but very, very cold, but so peaceful.  I am happy to be awake and to see the view and feel grateful for all the good things in my life.  My journey has brought me to the LAO and if you had asked me a year ago, I would never have thought it would have been such an eventful year. Since I joined in April 2019 – it has been a roller coaster, but we have achieved so much together.  We have been busy cleaning house, putting our documents and records in order (this will take some time and many hours to complete) but needs to be done, so we can move forward.  We have also put in place plans to reach out to our membership and hope you will work with us to make the LAO a dynamic organization. Here are some of the events we have planned so far.


We are launching our E-newsletter so we can connect with you in real time and with current news. This will be our first edition.


World Lymphedema Day is March 6th, 2020 and we thank you for the overwhelming response to volunteer and raise awareness.  We have over 15 hospitals engaged, and approx. 65 volunteers willing to give their time for the event.  This will probably be the most successful event we have planned for some time now. Thank you also to all the Patient Education Teams and others who have invited us to connect with patients and raise awareness. We have ordered some new T-shirts for this event and they will be available for purchase through our website. See below.


We launched an Encore presentation of Jean La Mantia’s presentation on “Nutrition for Lymphedema” February 20th 2020, for those that missed it at the AGM.  We have a follow up live webinar from Jean scheduled for March 11th.  We also are planning another webinar in the May/June timeframe.

At the AGM in September, we spoke about the need for a document that patients could give to their caregivers and health professionals.  This was a request that had been made a few years ago. We have been working on it and have it ready for the World LE Day event.  Here is a sneak preview of it.


Finally, we are planning the AGM for the 2019/2020 year to take place in May or June 2020.

We invite you to please share your ideas and comments to help make the LAO a vibrant organization.

Please connect with us at

Dolores Steinwall

On-line Store 

We are very excited to announce the opening of our Online Store! 

All Proceeds to go to the program funding for our volunteer events for Lymphedema Advocacy and Awareness. 

We are now offering our Lymphedema Association Of Ontario Shirts, in sizes Medium through X-Large for $25.00 

Please check out our Store!


Queen’s Park Reception – December 2019

Tony Wight, Charlotte Schultz, Jackie Manthorne, Deborah Peniuk, Dolores Steinwall

Board members of the LAO were once again honoured to attend a reception with MPPs in December 2019 at Queen’s Park organized by the Canadian Cancer Surviver Network. President Dolores Steinwall along with Advocacy Chair Charlotte Schultz and Awareness Chair Tony Wight were delighted to renew old acquaintances in the broader cancer community and hear excellent and inspiring presentations by a variety of individuals including a lung cancer survivor, a pathologist, an MPP and of course the organizer, Jackie Manthorne, President and CEO of the Canadian Cancer Surviver Network. The occasion also provided us once again with an opportunity to speak with MPPs as well as many others and continue to spread awareness of lymphedema, the work of the LAO and the needs of lymphedema sufferers. We were struck by the amount of energy and empathy in the room generally as well as in those with whom we inter-reacted. We believe a strong foundation is continuing to be established which will aid in our efforts to further promote the interests of lymphedema sufferers, their caregivers and health care providers.

Tony Wight

2nd Annual

Luigi Caparelli Memorial Hockey Game

Hard to believe another year has come and gone. Before we knew it, it was once again time for the second annual Luigi Caparelli Memorial Hockey game. Both myself and my brother (Mike) were busy recruiting friends and family for this great event. We solidified a date, Mike's father-in-law (John Bertorelli) books the ice time...and of course the after party has been arranged. Like last year, teams will be selected by the two captains (Mike and myself) via a draft.  Naturally, there are a few friendly wagers being placed before the draft even gets underway, and since my team won last year, Mike feels the pressure to ensure he wins this year. After we settle on the stakes, the drafting of the confirmed 32 players (some former OHL, NCAA, CIS, Junior A & B, recreational players, and a few father and son tandems playing) commences - What a mix for fast and good hockey. Once the draft was completed and the respective teams emailed out to all participants, the internet was afire and the trash talking (friendly of course) continued right up until puck drop.

Both teams from the game including Ryan with the trophy

Game night arrives. I ensure (by politely asking my Mom) that a couple of my teammates and our team’s biggest fan (Ryan (age 7), daughter of one of my best friends and teammates) who also happens to be keeper of the trophy from last year, had a plate of homemade pasta at Moms prior to heading to the game. Mike, not impressed that she was feeding the enemy, feels left out - but that would just be a sign of things to come. Once at the rink the warm up begins and the fun starts. 


Left to right: Rob Caparelli, Aik Aliferis (one of Luigi’s best friends), Mike Caparelli, Kito Aliferis

In the stands with blankets, gloves, some liquid warmth, and a lot of excitement, about 30 fans wait for the game to start. Before the game officially gets underway, the players lined up for a moment of silence in memory of Luigi. Now the game begins, and the players did not disappoint in leaving it all on the ice! Mike's team scores first, the fans are pumped, cheering loudly for both sides until my team eventually takes over and proves victorious for the second year in a row with the final score being 12-9.

Left to right: Rob Caparelli, Claudio Micucci, Kevin Daly, Brad Albert, Matt Grandinetti at restaurant after game enjoying a beer.

Collectively, between the players, fans and friends, we all decided that this tradition would officially be the beginning of our Christmas season. Getting together for a great cause, playing/watching some good hockey with friends, and most importantly, remembering and honouring Luigi - in a way he would truly approve of - friends, family, hockey, food and drink. This year we were able to raise nearly double the total from last with $2,100 going directly to the LAO on behalf of Luigi. 

We are already looking forward to the 2020 game and plan to get even more participants and spectators involved. And maybe, just maybe, I'll let my younger brother win. On second thought, scratch that, he'll have to earn it!  

Rob Caparelli

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